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Baja Broadband Now Blocking SSH Protocol and Lying About It


I run the secure shell service on a server to allow secure file transfer (sftp) and a remote terminal (ssh) between my mobile device at work and my computers at home. I don't use it often, and when I last used it from work, it didn't connect. So I figured that Baja Broadband changed the IP address, which ISP's are wont to do for home IP addresses.

So I go home, open the cable modem router, get the new IP address and plug it into the mobile device, and guess what, it doesn't work! Hours of work later, doing numerous tests both on the intranet and internet, port redirection, nmap, etc., I come to the disgusting conclusion that Baja Broadband/TDS is not just blocking the port, they are blocking the SSH protocol. Plainly, this is bullshit. Not only is SSH one of the most secure methods of remote login available, but they are allowing all the unsecured ports to function, like the cleartext http,  

Baja Broadband Actively Blocking Domains?

About a month ago I started having trouble with my Kali installation. It no longer found the repositories. I wound up having to use the TOR Browser Bundle to perform updates. This appeared strange, but I thought well, maybe there is a problem with the Kali repositories.

About two weeks ago, I had my network extender go down, and I had to replace it. I replaced it with an upgraded model, which allowed setting up a DNS search path. I just happened to use the Google Public DNS Server addresses of and Immediately, Kali repositories started working. Further Apple MacBook Air updates started occurring. So I looked at the cable modem, and guess what. All the DNS server entries pointed to Baja Broadband DNS servers. So what is up with that? Not only is Baja Broadband blocking Offensive Security (Kali) sites via DNS, but they are also blocking many more, such as elastic-security.com, to give an example…

I can test it simply. My network extender is set up to use Google Public DNS servers over WIFI. But it is set to use the cable modem configuration of Baja Broadband DNS servers if connected via Ethernet. If I try 

Client Services Currently Suspended

As of Sunday, 5/17/2015, we are suspending all service except for emergency situations. Due to other commitments, we can only provide services on an emergency basis after seven PM on weekdays, and on weekends. The services struck out below are no longer provided until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your time and patronage.

Happy Cat Technologies provides the following services to clients in the Fort Collins/Loveland and local areas only:


  • Computer Maintenance, such as dust-out/cleaning, removing unwanted preinstalled applications, installing/upgrading applications, removing malware and viruses, creation of emergency boot disks, optimizing (speed up), diagnostic troubleshooting, etc. We support Windows (XP-7), OS-X, and Linux operating systems.

  • Tower and laptop hardware servicing including hardware installation, upgrading, troubleshooting, and defective component replacement. Limited Mac hardware support due to Apple product policies.
  • Data Recovery and Backup, to mitigate disaster situations, such as when Windows won't start. We also provide Windows password recovery. We can recommend and setup backups to local media (DVD), removable media (flash drive, external hard drive), or to Cloud (SOS Backup, Carbonite, etc).
  • Network/WIFI consultation, design, installation, configuring and troubleshooting, including cable routing. We also do security evaluations of WIFI installations.
  • Web site[1] provisioning from initial consultation to development, 

Free Maverick update NOT recommended...

Recently, I had the dubious pleasure of updating a friend's MacBook for OS X 10.6.8 to 10.9. It started as normal, with a backup to DVD of all data that my friend couldn't afford to loose, such as pictures, documents, etc. Normal SOP for significant OS updates.

After that, the update was started. First off, we had to figure out what the Apple ID and password were. That took a bit of time, but we finally found the piece of paper with the critical information. Once we started the update the real fun started. First off, we only had a 500KBS connection. That translates out to an approximately 3 hour download. You get what you pay for, LOL. The reason for doing this update was that my friend needed the speech to text capability that is now part of Maverick. A bit on that later, as all was not what it seems with that application.

So the update downloaded, and the MacBook updated to OS X 10.9, after more post-update updates. Maverick, BTW, has a definition as an adjective of "unorthodox". There were nothing but problems

Special for the Months of June and July

For our two year anniversary, which was about a week ago but we were busy, we're going to offer guaranteed problem solution, or no charge for the visit.

As an example, we go out to your house to configure up your old router for allowing access to your new iPad. If we can't do so (like we didn't confirm that you had the administration password, LOL), Happy Cat Tech won't charge you for the visit.

We'll have something special around the Fourth of July holiday, so keep checking back, and thanks for the visit.

Special For The Month of April

We've got a special deal for you in the month of April. During April, we'll install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux and accompanying applications for the very low price of $45 per machine to allow as seamless a transition as possible from Windows to Linux. This installation includes (many more come with basic install):

This list is the minimum install for usability, and there are thousands

Two great DRUPAL modules to stop harassing IP addresses

If you operate a content management systems (CMS), you're probably familiar with the curse of botnet attacks on the user registration and persistent spammers on comments. These are IP address that are attached to your CMS from China, i.e. the 163.com domain, sending regular, daily spam message updates about Viagra, Cialis, and faux haute couture, sometimes for years on end. Or they continuously try to attack the user registration CAPTCHA, trying to create accounts to do the same or worse, sometimes using inane responses to the CAPTCHA like "TooBad1" through "TooBad257", not really doing any damage but consuming sometimes scarce resources and filling up the logs (to mask other activity sometimes, like database attacks).

This is not a problem specific to any one CMS, and will happen to Drupal, Wordpress, or Joomla. Drupal, however, logs the events as part of core functionality, allowing them to be noticed by the operator. Having dealt with it for well over a year, mostly manually, I found two great modules in the Dupal repository

From Gnome back to Gnome, four operating systems later

My in-house server was running Fedora 16, which is at end of life, so I decided to update to the latest Fedora release, which was 18. This came about because of an OpenVAS scan of the server detecting issues with httpd and other things. Also with a philosophy of being tired of GNOME 3's idiosyncrasies, I decided to upgrade to Fedora 18-KDE instead of the Gnome version. Four operating system installations later, I wound up installing Ubuntu 12.04 with GNOME 3, LOL! Approximately 24 hours real time was used, and I'm getting damn good at it!

Fedora 18-KDE:
(Fedora KDE Live Media, i686, 844.1MB, Direct Download) Promises to be a great OS, and installed in an excellent fashion, except for the problem related below with partitioning the disk drives how you want as opposed to how Fedora 18 wants. This version requires a DVD because it's 844MB, and my problems started here, as an omen. The first thing I had to do after burning the ISO is swap out the DVD drive in the target system. angry  Install proceeded well, and I succumbed to Fedora 18

Gatesed in the Office - Watch out for Windows disk checking in the office

If you encounter one of the unfortunate side-effects of using Microsoft technology, you've been "Gatesed." In typical IT usage, "If it Gatesed (BSOD), you were SOL."fortune_mod

With most modern operating systems, full disk checking requires that the device be unmounted. With Windows 7, Vista, and XP, that is true, and one has to reboot to get disk checking started. If "scan disk for bad sectors" option is selected, running disk checking can take an appreciable time, sometimes hours depending on the size of the disk. Once started, this may not be terminated, on advice of Microsoft Support. “… Please note that it is not recommended to stop or interrupt the chkdsk running on the computer until it completes by itself. …” Srinivas R, Microsoft Support.

This can cause the customer problems if the system is rebooted Monday

Getting back in the groove...

Happy Cat is going to be getting back in the groove and focusing more on increasing our business, as the business needs to start paying the bills. For that we need your help out there. For the month of March, we have special going on, $45 to service your PC. It's a sweet deal, as usually the process would be more than $90 at our regular rate.

Call up the office number (970) 672-8298 and set up a service call or appointment for service at the shop.

Thanks for your time, and Happy Computing!