Lenovo's tough, hybrid Chromebooks are built for education

3 hours 3 minutes ago
Lenovo has launched a handful of new laptops designed for classrooms, including three new Chromebooks. The new devices were designed to be tough enough to survive students' rough handling and have rubber bumpers, reinforced hinges and mechanically an...

'Sonic' designer Yuji Naka joins Square Enix

5 hours 10 minutes ago
Here's a game industry move you probably weren't expecting: Sonic the Hedgehog co-designer Yuji Naka has joined Square Enix. He'll continue to pursue game development, but he isn't exactly dropping many hints as to what's next. Naka wants to make an...

Google hires former Xbox, PlayStation exec Phil Harrison

6 hours 57 minutes ago
Phil Harrison followed up almost two decades as an executive for both Sony and Microsoft as an investor in computer and video game companies. But he's moving back to the tech world with a new role as Vice President and GM of Google, Harrison announce...

The first 512GB microSD card arrives in February

7 hours 23 minutes ago
It didn't take long for someone to topple 2017's microSD storage record. The UK's Integral Memory has unveiled what it says it the first shipping 512GB microSD card. So long as your device can handle microSDXC (most Android phones and tablets, as w...

Android Oreo now shows WiFi network speeds before you connect

8 hours 6 minutes ago
Ever hop on a WiFi hotspot to save mobile data or boost speed, only to find out that it's so slow that you might as well have stayed on cellular access? If you're using Android 8.1 Oreo, that shouldn't be a problem going forward. After several week...

Google is building an AI research team in France

9 hours 12 minutes ago
Google announced today that it's expanding its AI research efforts, setting up a new research team in France that will work with the country's AI research community on issues ranging from health to the environment. Google says the team's work will be...

AltspaceVR co-founder joins Facebook's social VR team

9 hours 43 minutes ago
Facebook announced today that Eric Romo, the former CEO and co-founder of AltSpaceVR, is joining its social VR team as Product Director. He'll be helping with Facebook's nascent but thriving social VR efforts, building upon the company's Facebook Spa...

Netflix's Juventus FC documentary premieres February 16th

10 hours 5 minutes ago
You won't have to wait much longer to see how Netflix handles a soccer (aka football) documentary. The service is premiering the first three episodes of its Juventus FC docuseries, First Team: Juventus, on February 16th. The show will cover the hig...

Hackers are stealing millions in cryptocurrency during ICOs

11 hours 43 minutes ago
A new report from Ernst & Young details just how big of a problem security is when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Researchers collected data on 372 initial coin offerings (ICOs) that took place between 2015 and 2017 and found that over 10 percent...

Google's $20 million Lunar Xprize will end without a winner

12 hours 4 minutes ago
The Lunar Xprize is about to come to an anticlimactic end after more than a decade. Google has confirmed to CNBC that it doesn't plan to extend the $20 million competition past its March 31st deadline -- itself an extension well beyond the original 2...

Waymo starts testing its autonomous cars in Atlanta

12 hours 47 minutes ago
Waymo started offering free autonomous rides in Phoenix last April as a way to promote its self-driving cars. The Alphabet-owned company has been trying to ramp up its own ride-sharing service to compete with Uber and Lyft, offering a driverless taxi...

This is what the Xbox Watch could have looked like

13 hours 1 minute ago
Microsoft has a tumultuous relationship with smartwatches. Its bulky wrist-mounted wearable, the Band and Band 2, saw limited success at retail but couldn't compete with sales of the Fitbit or the Apple Watch. As of October 2016, it seems the Band br...

Intel tells customers to stop using its faulty Spectre patch

13 hours 16 minutes ago
Intel has another Spectre patch in the works, after users reported that its last fix led to random rebooting issues. Consequently, the company is now recommending that its customers stop deploying that original patch, and instead start testing out th...
40 minutes 50 seconds ago
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