Uber security flaw compromised two-factor authentication

13 hours 13 minutes ago
Two-factor authentication only works if it's strictly enforced in software, and it sounds like Uber might have fallen short of that goal for a while. In a chat with ZDNet, security researcher Karan Saini has revealed a flaw in Uber's two-factor verif...

Kim Dotcom sues the New Zealand government for $6.8 billion

13 hours 31 minutes ago
Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site MegaUpload, is suing the New Zealand government for $6.8 billion dollars. According to the legal documents provided by the BBC, the claim covers the destruction of his business, loss of reputation, lost bu...

Hulu and YouTube are off to a solid start with live TV

14 hours 15 minutes ago
Hulu and YouTube both launched live TV streaming services last year, and now CNBC has a first look at subscriber numbers for both sites. Hulu is at 450,000 paid subscribers, which doesn't include people using the service under free promotions, and Yo...

DJI's Mavic Air drone may have improved 4K video

14 hours 32 minutes ago
DJI is supposed to be unveiling a new drone on January 23rd, but the cat might already be out of the bag. Kanzhaji has posted photos and details of the Mavic Air, a foldable drone that would reportedly slot neatly between the diminutive Spark and the...

Amazon’s convenience store of the future makes me nervous

15 hours 6 minutes ago
Half a decade in the making, and after a year of intensive testing, Amazon's cashier-free convenience store is opening to the public. Amazon Go, located at the base of the company's Seattle HQ, is the first of its kind: a convenience store with no ch...

Facebook explores whether social media is good for democracy

15 hours 22 minutes ago
As part of its Hard Questions series, Facebook has decided to explore the question of whether social media is good for democracy. The last US presidential election brought that question to the fore of many people's minds, directly or indirectly, as i...

Uber acquires David Chang’s delivery-only ‘restaurant’

16 hours 4 minutes ago
Today, Ando, the popular delivery-only New York restaurant from famed Momofuku chef David Chang, shut down operations, as it's been acquired by UberEATS. The restaurant had been working with UberEATS since it launched in 2016, and now it will be full...

Acoustic tractor beams could lead to levitating humans

16 hours 36 minutes ago
LG wants levitating speakers in every home, but what about gravity-defying humans? Well, science could well be on its way to making us float too, thanks to a breakthrough in sonic levitation. Engineers from the University of Bristol have demonstrated...

India wants to collect taxes from its cryptocurrency investors

16 hours 56 minutes ago
India's income tax department has sent notices to tens of thousands of people dealing in cryptocurrency, after learning that $3.5 billion worth of transactions have been conducted over a 17-month period. The move comes as India's finance ministry gra...

Microsoft unveils cheap laptops and more tools for education

17 hours 38 minutes ago
When it comes to the lucrative education market, Microsoft doesn't want to be left behind -- especially when that Google's Chromebooks are increasingly popular with schools. Microsoft's big selling point this year? More cheap Windows 10 notebooks sta...

Nokia will disable the key feature of its priciest scale

18 hours 7 minutes ago
Nokia has announced that it will be disabling the headline of feature of its Body Cardio scale in a software update. The scale was sold with the ability to track Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), essentially measuring the speed at which your blood flows thr...

MilliDelta robot surgeon is the size of a one cent coin

18 hours 37 minutes ago
Another tiny robot is gearing up to join the ranks of microsurgeons, but this one is small enough to fit in your coin purse. Inspired by pop-up books and origami, the milliDelta bot measures mere millimetres when unfolded (roughly the size of a one c...

3D printers could let you produce your own drugs

19 hours 36 minutes ago
You might imagine that drug production only happens at gigantic pharma corporations with millions of dollars worth of equipment. However, researchers at the University of Glasgow have unveiled a new process of building "reactionware," or small reacto...

FilmStruck's alternative streaming service is coming to the UK

19 hours 58 minutes ago
A movie streaming service backed by Warner Bros. and Turner is launching in the UK in the "coming weeks," the pair have announced. FilmStruck has been lighting up screens in the US since late 2016, and will arrive across the pond with a slightly diff...

Apple may be close to launching its HomePod speaker

22 hours 18 minutes ago
Apple's HomePod has been sitting in limbo for the better part of a year, but a few new clues suggest that it's on the cusp of launching -- and hint at what it can do. To begin with, the HomePod recently received FCC approval. The filing itself does...

Sphero cuts jobs and refocuses on education

1 day ago
Sphero was supposed to have a banner holiday with a slew of toys themed around Star Wars, Cars 3 and Spider-Man on top of its own self-branded creations. However, things turned out very differently. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it rec...

Rocket Lab reaches orbit for the first time

1 day 2 hours ago
Rocket Lab has reached orbit for the first time, even though it's only the private space company's second flight. Even more impressive? The test mission, dubbed "Still Testing," had three customer satellites in tow: one is an Earth-imaging satellite,...
19 minutes 55 seconds ago
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