PSVR mech battler 'Rigs' won't get any new content

9 hours 58 minutes ago
Sony today confirmed that there will be no more DLC coming to multiplayer PSVR launch title Rigs. Following the recent closure of developer Guerilla Cambridge, it seems Sony has opted to cut short its initial plan for additional Rigs content. While...

Vizio devices now take voice commands from Google Home

10 hours 20 minutes ago
Vizio's living room devices already play nicely with Google services, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use Google voice control as well? You can now. All of Vizio's SmartCast-equipped devices, including recent TVs, soundbars and speakers, just go...

What Is Donald Trump Doodling?

10 hours 24 minutes ago

Donald Trump never takes a day off from Twitter. Today, the president-elect published a tweet with an awkward photo of himself purportedly scribbling out his inaugural address with a Sharpie.


Michael Nunez

Failure to patch known ImageMagick flaw for months costs Facebook $40k

10 hours 26 minutes ago

It's not common for a security-conscious internet company to leave a well-known vulnerability unpatched for months, but it happens. Facebook paid a US$40,000 reward to a researcher after he warned the company that its servers were vulnerable to an exploit called ImageTragick.

ImageTragick is the name given by the security community to a critical vulnerability that was found in the ImageMagick image processing tool back in May.

ImageMagick is a command-line tool that can resize, convert and optimize images in many formats. Web server libraries like PHP’s imagick, Ruby’s rmagick and paperclip, and Node.js’s imagemagick, used by millions of websites, are based on it.

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Lucian Constantin

Android Google app now stores offline searches and runs them when a signal returns

10 hours 32 minutes ago

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You’re trying to read a news story about Facebook or look up the latest rumors about the Galaxy S8, and you hit a dead spot. You tap reload a couple of times, wait a few seconds, and give up.

Google feels your pain, and it doesn’t want you to miss out on valuable information just because your connection flaked out. With a new update rolling out to the Android Google app, your searches will be saved and delivered as soon as your connection returns. As Google search project manager Shekhar Sharad writes in a blog post, “The Google app will work behind-the-scenes to detect when a connection is available again and deliver your search results once completed.”

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Michael Simon

CIA Releases 13M Pages of Declassified Documents Online

10 hours 33 minutes ago
About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online. The records include UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate programme, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists. From a report on BBC: The move came after lengthy efforts from freedom of information advocates and a lawsuit against the CIA. The full archive is made up of almost 800,000 files. They had previously only been accessible at the National Archives in Maryland. The trove includes the papers of Henry Kissinger, who served as secretary of state under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, as well as several hundred thousand pages of intelligence analysis and science research and development.

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