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Google’s Using An Insane GoPro Rig and YouTube to Bring VR to Everyone

Gizmodo - 8 hours 57 min ago

GoPro has developed a rig housing that’ll allow you to shoot 360 video for Google’s Cardboard. It’s just one part of making content using Google’s new Jump system—a solution that standardizes every step of creating VR content. This is how VR goes mainstream.


What Do You Want to Know About Sexual Anatomy?

Gizmodo - 8 hours 59 min ago

When I was in graduate school, I wondered what changes made erectile tissue in the penis shift from its soft and flexible state to its stiff and inextensible state. Then, with the help of some armadillos, I did the research and figured it out. Tell me what you wonder about, and I’ll see whether I can figure it out for you.


Nvidia Shield hands-on: The first high-end Android TV box ships today, rife with features

PC News - 8 hours 59 min ago

Nvidia is skipping straight over pre-orders for its Nvidia Shield Android TV, letting people buy the streaming set-top box for immediate shipping.

At $200 with 16GB of flash storage, or $300 with a 500GB hard drive, the Shield is more than twice the price of most other TV boxes, but Nvidia is hoping 4K video support and a bunch of gaming options will justify the cost.

The Shield is the first product with Nvidia’s X1 64-bit processor inside. Despite its ARM-based architecture, which usually winds up in phones and tablets, performance is on par with previous-generation game consoles. In my hands-on time, the Shield played Portal at close to 60 frames per second, and The Talos Principle in the 30 fps to 60 fps range. (Other modern games such as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are also coming to Shield, but weren’t yet playable on the review unit I received.)

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Nvidia Shield Review: Do You Want an Android TV Game Console?

Gizmodo - 8 hours 59 min ago

I want you to buy the Nvidia Shield, because I’m a selfish prick. If you buy the Nvidia Shield, perhaps developers will actually make games for it—and then I could buy one too.


A taste of something great: five days with NVIDIA's Shield Android TV

EnGadget - 8 hours 59 min ago
I wanted to watch The West Wing, so I asked for it. I wanted to play Asphalt 8 on my TV, so I downloaded it. I wanted people to see me playing a copy of Street Fighter X Tekken I didn't (strictly speaking) own, so I broadcasted it. All of these littl...

NVIDIA starts selling its Android TV-powered Shield media hub

EnGadget - 8 hours 59 min ago
Been jonesing for a very high-powered, Android TV-based media hub? You now have a chance to do something about that craving, as NVIDIA has started selling its Shield set-top box in North America. Pay $199 and you'll get the regular Shield, whose tiny...

Google Cardboard Now Works With iOS

Gizmodo - 9 hours 1 min ago

Google’s Clay Bavor just told everyone at Google I/O that there are over a million Google Cardboard headsets in the world today. There’s about to be a whole lot more: he also just announced that Google Cardboard’s Virtual Reality apps are heading to iPhone.


The New Assassin’s Creed Won’t Have a Tie-In App, Thank God

Wired Top Stories - 9 hours 9 min ago

Assassin's Creed Syndicate won't have a gimmicky cash-in companion app. Hum a bar or two of "Born Free" with me.

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Google tweaks its cloud tech to make push notifications more meaningful to you

PC News - 9 hours 10 min ago

Google’s making it easier for apps and websites to push you the content you want to see, when you want to see it, no matter which device you’re using.

During the Google I/O 2015 keynote on Thursday, Google’s developer product group head Jason Titus announced that the company’s behind-the-scenes cloud messaging technology—which apps can already use to push notifications to Google users’ Android devices and Chrome browsers—now supports iOS devices as well. In other words, an app’s notification can reach you across all your devices using the single, central cloud messaging system—assuming you’re using the major platforms, at least.

But more interestingly than that, cloud messaging has also been updated to allow developers to set up specific topics to receive (or not receive) notifications about. For example, when you subscribe to notifications from a news app, you can choose to be informed when there’s a hot new science or technology story, but skip acerbic political drama.

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Google launches new Photos app with editing tools and free unlimited storage

PC News - 9 hours 14 min ago

Google+ is beloved by photographers, both pros and amateurs, for its image-editing and storage tools, but it comes with a side of social networking that some people don’t want. So Google has a new app just for all of those photography features called, appropriately, Photos.

Google Photos sorts your images by people, places, and things, all without tags.

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Google Cardboard now works on iOS

EnGadget - 9 hours 18 min ago
At the I/O developers conference this morning, Google announced that its low-cost VR headset, dubbed Cardboard, is now available for (official) use with the Apple operating system. The system has only been available for the Android OS since its debut...

Android app makers can experiment with Play Store listings

EnGadget - 9 hours 18 min ago
Those rumors of Google letting Android app developers experiment with what you see in the Play Store? Yes, they're true. Creators can now conduct tests to see what pricing works best, or whether one icon color is more alluring than others -- you'll o...

Google's Inbox app is now available for all

PC News - 9 hours 22 min ago

Anyone with a Gmail or Google Apps account can now try out Inbox.

Inbox is an overhaul of Gmail, giving you the ability to snooze, pin, and quickly swipe away emails. Inbox launched about eight months ago, and has been invite-only since then—though recently, Google let in a pilot group of Google Apps users to test it out. Google announced the wider availability and new features at the keynote for its I/O developer conference Thursday.   

Many new features come as part of the update. For example, you'll be able to undo sent messages from your phone or the web version. You can also make delete the default option when swiping emails.

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GoPro unveils a 360-degree camera array for VR videos

EnGadget - 9 hours 22 min ago
Now that Google has announced Jump, a new VR technology platform that lets you create and share 3D content, you're probably wondering how you can do exactly that. Well, Google has partnered with GoPro to come up with a solution: a 360-degree camera a...

Google intros new Jump VR platform and improved Cardboard

EnGadget - 9 hours 23 min ago
Google brought virtual reality to the masses cheaply with Cardboard, a DIY headset announced at last year's I/O conference. Now, the search giant's building upon its 1 million VR viewers with an improved Cardboard headset that fits smartphone screens...

Our Google I/O Liveblog Is Right Here

Gizmodo - 9 hours 24 min ago

Today is the first day of Google I/O, the company’s annual conference where they announce what’s coming in the next year. We’re here at the keynote, and we’ll be liveblogging it for you, starting now. Keep hitting refresh to get the latest updates!


Google Mimics Apple With Android Pay

Wired Top Stories - 9 hours 26 min ago

We're another step closer to a world where we can pay for a pastry in our local coffee shop in much the same way we pay for a video online.

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JXE Streams: Join us for some 'Affordable Space Adventures'

EnGadget - 9 hours 29 min ago
KnapNok Games gets what Richard Branson doesn't. Of course people want to hang out in space, but they definitely don't want to pay top dollar to do it! So rather than drop $200,000 on a Virgin Galactic reservation, why not fire up your Wii U for some...

Cloud Boom Drives Sales Boom For Physical Servers

SlashDot - 9 hours 31 min ago
jfruh writes: The promise of the cloud is that your storage and computing problems will be abstracted away from messy physical objects that you need to maintain, taken care of far way by other people. Well, it turns out that those other people need to buy a lot of servers.

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Google Play makes it easier to find kid-friendly apps

EnGadget - 9 hours 31 min ago
Finding kid-friendly content in the clutter of inappropriate digital entertainment is one of the hardest tasks for parents. Google Play will now include a discovery tool that makes it easier for families to find apps, movies, shows and books that are...
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