Facebook scoops NFL video highlights and in-depth recaps

8 hours 45 minutes ago
With its recently launched Watch video section still fresh, Facebook is wasting no time in expanding its line-up. This time it's ditching original shows in favor of football. The company just announced that it's teaming up with the NFL to bring highl...

The world's first blockchain smartphone is in development

9 hours 45 minutes ago
Sirin Labs, the company behind the $14,000 Solarin smartphone, is now developing an open-source model that runs on a fee-less blockchain. The Finney -- named in honor of bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney -- will be the only smartphone in the world that's fu...

Google Assistant can order around LG's connected appliances

9 hours 45 minutes ago
LG has placed its trust on Google Assistant and has given it the power to control its smart appliances. While it teamed up with Amazon earlier this year to give its refrigerators built-in access to Alexa, its partnership with Google is much bigger in...