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Submitted by AlReaud on Sun, 11/13/2016 - 14:17

The Back-Hacking Blog came into existence around December 2011 after I started using Kali Linux. It comes from the idea of defending against hackers in a manner similar to Krav Maga. The putative system or security administrator doesn't just sit there passively receiving attacks, rather in the background they start probing the intruder's system, looking for weaknesses and exploits and using all of the tools available. However, make sure you read that first Back-Hacking link (and this one). There are legal, ethical and logistical questions to be addressed. Sometimes it is quite effective, as related in SunTrust Spoof: Additional ways of protecting your SunTrust access it can be quite effective. The other side of the coin is that it is not for the uninitiated. You may compromise your systems, open yourself or your organization to legal liability or criminal prosecution depending on your jurisdiction, and/or straight up waste your time. My personal position is that it is like carrying a concealed weapon, to be used only justifiably in self-defense.

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