happycattech.com One Year Aniversary - Gnome 3 Fedora 16 Update

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Submitted by AlReaud on Thu, 05/24/2012 - 22:53

The website's first year rolls around, and looking back it was interesting. Most of the hacking disappeared over time, with just occassional attacks occurring on the testing server. Recently, there have been more shell attacks coming from the US itself, treated in the same manner as usual. Business is slow, and the only work recently has been mostly hooking up with Manuel Labor.

Gnome 3 / Fedora 16 still isn't satisfactory, but it has improved. I've learned not to log out, but to just close all applications and lock the screen. That seems to prevent the hard lockups that happen on logout. Well, at least I haven't tried recently. I've had no success with restarting the Gnome Shell via remote command shell when hard lockups occur. The problem isn't (usually) in the kernel, but in Gnome Shell.

There is also an interesting video quirk which appears to scramble the screen tiles. Both on the background and in the application windows. It not a memory corruption, in the sense that the tiles are still there, it's more like an indexing issue. Applications appear to work correctly, at least the ones I use. Like most Linux versions, it's a work in progress until its end of life.

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