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Submitted by AlReaud on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 18:33

Since publishing the article “Beware those scam emails from .top, .stream and .download domains” I must have pissed somebody off by giving some good advice. Since then I've been literally inundated with spam emails from the domains .top, .stream, .download and .win. When I cleared the junk filters out, I had almost 800 junk emails for the week of Sunday October 23 - Saturday, October 29, 2016. This week the count is at 132 so far (see image below)! That previous weekly total is more than I usually get in a month. Further I've had some idiot with the email address something like dhawalnator[at]gmail.com emailing Toyota and Hundai dealerships in San Jose, Fresno, and other cities in California giving my phone number and saying that I'm interested in a vehicle. Actually it's kind of funny, because I answer the calls and tell them that they are sadly the victim of a retaliatory email scam. That went on all last week. I need one of those dealerships to forward that email to alreaud[at]happycattech.com so I can analyze it.

This leads me to believe that I gave out good advice that is effective in preventing email phishers/scammers from being successful. So I'll give y'all another piece of advice, gratis. Use the Thunderbird email browser. It has one of the best trainable spam filters, and can implement custom filters, that allow you to catch all the .top, .stream, .download and .win domain spam emails, mark them as junk, and delete them before they get to your inbox. It's working like a champ for me, and each day I get more junk to train the spam filter to be a genius at trapping spam.

Continue on folks, whoever you are. Like the DDoS attack on Kerbs on Security, when you get the attention of the black-hats you know that you are on the right track! cheeky

Spam email sample for 10-31-2016

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