The Morning After: Weekend Edition

2 hours 41 minutes ago
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. We'll take a look back at some of the big stories from earlier this week, plus key updates like NASA's tips for viewing a solar eclipse.

'Minecraft' novel by 'World War Z' author is now available

10 hours 47 minutes ago
As strange as it sounds, Minecraft got the novelization treatment, and the final product is now out for purchase. The good news is that the Mojang team put Microsoft's millions to good use by commissioning Max Brooks, author of the apocalyptic zombie...

'The Defenders' Comic-Con trailer features punching, heroes

12 hours 9 minutes ago
Stop us if you've heard this one before: There's a threat facing New York, and a few of Marvel's punch-happy heroes need to clean it up. Based on the new trailer shown tonight at Comic-Con -- where, Deadline reports, Netflix screened the entire first...

Google Play Music tweak adds a sidebar full of shortcuts

12 hours 53 minutes ago
As a music streaming service, Google Play Music works well enough but its user interface leaves an awful lot to be desired. Following the mobile app's update that added persistent navigation buttons, as 9to5 Google spotted, Mountain View has added th...

Aphex Twin is the latest artist to open an online record store

14 hours 47 minutes ago
Aphex Twin is opening an online record store. For his own music, of course. The Vinyl Factory reports that Richard D. James has started his direct-to-fans store with reissues of his back catalog including ... I Care Because You Do and newer stuff lik...

First Amendment suit halts anti-'Pokémon Go' law

17 hours ago
A legal battle against AR games like Pokémon Go has been brewing in Wisconsin and this week, the games scored a win. In February, Milwaukee County introduced a new law that required AR game makers to get a permit before their games could be de...

Google tests VR as a replacement for dull training videos

17 hours 24 minutes ago
We've heard about medical professionals using VR to augment their suites for years, but Google is testing its fit in the broader workplace, starting with employment's least fun experience: Training. The company's Daydream Labs hosted an experiment to...

Mini's new plug-in hybrid packs thrills into a compact cruiser

17 hours 51 minutes ago
From the moment it appeared at the LA Auto Show, the new Mini Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid seemed to run in a different pack than other affordable EVs. That's due in large part to the Mini's heritage. Driving a Mini always meant having a good time,...

Razer is reportedly working on a phone just for gamers

18 hours 13 minutes ago
Razer is known for its high-end gaming devices. The company has desktops and laptops, keyboards and mice, power banks and even projection systems aimed at core gamers. This past January, however, Razer acquired Nextbit and its "cloud phone" called th...

NASA doesn't want you to go blind during the solar eclipse

18 hours 32 minutes ago
The much-celebrated full solar eclipse is just one month away for those in the continental United States, and NASA really does not want you to go blind when it finally happens. To that end, the organization has released some important tips to ensure...

How hateful alt-right trolls hijacked your timeline

19 hours 41 minutes ago
You don't need to get attacked by a pro-Trump troll-bot horde to know that social media is a battleground for propaganda farms. It's pretty obvious, and miles of speculative digital ink has been spilled saying as much. An Oxford study this week is ge...

Snap Spectacles hit retail in posh UK department store

20 hours 2 minutes ago
You can get a pair of Snapchat Spectacles at vending machines in London. You can also grab them from Amazon or Snap itself online. The $129 glasses may be the flavor of the moment, but you wouldn't expect them to show up at any high-end fashion outle...

NASA wants you to record solar eclipse data with an app

20 hours 20 minutes ago
Chances are that, by now, you've heard about the full solar eclipse that will cross the continental United States on August 21, 2017. And now, NASA is enlisting all of us as citizen scientists: The organization wants your help to record data during t...

Plastic-plucking robots are the future of recycling

20 hours 41 minutes ago
We are living in the Age of Plastic. In 2015, the world's industries created 448 million tons of it -- twice as much as it did in 1998. -- and the rate of production is only accelerating. However, our recycling efforts have not matched pace. In fact,...
1 hour 22 minutes ago
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