Getting the aggregator items to go to a blank page

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Submitted by AlReaud on Sat, 06/04/2011 - 19:18

The aggregator that comes default with Drupal outputs RSS links that don't open another tab or window. Sometimes it is preferable to have the links open in a new tab or window. That is accomplished by changing the called function in aggregator.module to add the tag target="_blank" to the anchor.

Open modules/aggregator/aggregator.module and change the text in function theme_aggregator_block_item to read:

function theme_aggregator_block_item($item, $feed = 0) {

    // Display the external link to the item.
    $output .= '<a href="'. check_url($item->link) .'" target="_blank">'. check_plain($item->title) ."</a>\n";


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