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Submitted by AlReaud on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 18:33

Since publishing the article “Beware those scam emails from .top, .stream and .download domains” I must have pissed somebody off by giving some good advice. Since then I've been literally inundated with spam emails from the domains .top, .stream, .download and .win. When I cleared the junk filters out, I had almost 800 junk emails for the week of Sunday October 23 - Saturday, October 29, 2016. This week the count is at 132 so far (see image below)! That previous weekly total is more than I usually get in a month. Further I've had some idiot with the email address something like dhawalnator[at] emailing Toyota and Hundai dealerships in San Jose, Fresno, and other cities in California giving my phone number and saying that I'm interested in a vehicle. Actually it's kind of funny, because I answer the calls and tell them that they are sadly the victim of a retaliatory email scam. That went on all last week. I need one of those dealerships to forward that email to alreaud[at] so I can analyze it.

This leads me to believe that I gave out good advice that is effective in preventing email phishers/scammers from being successful. So I'll give y'all another piece of advice, gratis. Use the Thunderbird email browser. It has one of the best