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Submitted by AlReaud on Sat, 11/09/2013 - 21:09

Recently, I had the dubious pleasure of updating a friend's MacBook for OS X 10.6.8 to 10.9. It started as normal, with a backup to DVD of all data that my friend couldn't afford to loose, such as pictures, documents, etc. Normal SOP for significant OS updates.

After that, the update was started. First off, we had to figure out what the Apple ID and password were. That took a bit of time, but we finally found the piece of paper with the critical information. Once we started the update the real fun started. First off, we only had a 500KBS connection. That translates out to an approximately 3 hour download. You get what you pay for, LOL. The reason for doing this update was that my friend needed the speech to text capability that is now part of Maverick. A bit on that later, as all was not what it seems with that application.

So the update downloaded, and the MacBook updated to OS X 10.9, after more post-update updates. Maverick, BTW, has a definition as an adjective of "unorthodox". There were nothing but problems after the update. The most notable one was that applications no longer worked. Applications such as Skype, which are critical for home businesses. Following the Skype install directions, verbatim, resulted in a window that said the application was installed incorrectly. Secondly, Safari lost it's information, so that, as example, if you had Netflix, you no longer were able to log into the service afterwards, and had to go find your login information from, hopefully, notes you took. Then there was a disturbing blanking of the screen that occurred when one started or closed applications. A more subtle but operationally critical problem that really gives you pause is that the router that worked perfectly previous to the update no longer worked correctly after the update. The router in question is D-Link DIR-615. It works perfectly with other non-Apple products, but not with an iPad (not consistently), or with the MacBook after upgrading to OS X 10.9. What works correctly now? An Ethernet cable, or an Apple Airport. Really?

The final result of all this was that my friend had to take the MacBook to the MacShack to get MacLove given to it (such as a down-rev Skype application). They did get the MacBook post-update fixed, at least to the point were Skype installed and worked correctly. There was a spiel about the hard drive possibly being bad, but the hard drive was FINE prior to the update to Maverick. It wound up testing OK, BTW.

Has Apple lost it's collective mind? A free update that causes a trip to the MacShack? You've got to be kidding us… No wonder it's a free update. Nobody would pay for it, LOL, they would be asking for their money back if they did, at minimum. A note on the Dictation application, that started this update process. What Apple fails to advertise is that it is cloud software, not an application that is installed on your MacBook. To me, that seems a little bit on the snaky side. My opinion on all of this is that with the passing of Stephen, Apple assumed the business paradigms of Microsoft. God help all Apple customers if that is the case. And Praise the Lord for Linux in all of it's versions.

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