Punishment DDOS attacks on online server

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Submitted by AlReaud on Sat, 12/24/2011 - 08:16

NOTE: Updated 11/15/2016

Attacks have ceased pretty much on the testing server, but I must have pissed somebody off last night. WOOT!

DDOS attacks started in the late evening, starting probably around 21:00 through at least probably midnight. Can't actually tell because I can't access the httpd logs. The positive note is this lead to me asking GoDaddy where the httpd logs are, something I wasn't aware of (in FTP Manager). Bluehost allow access to the server logs, but Yahoo did not when I used them. It's a virtual machine so the logs don't compromise any hosting provider confidential data...

The offending IP addresses were:

  • - FR, I know the bot-net there, and they have been getting inverse “Pavlovian Dog” training. I am almost willing to bet the control node resides in this general IP area,