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Submitted by AlReaud on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 13:09

Happy Cat Technologies provides the following services to clients in the Fort Collins/Loveland and local areas only:

  • Computer maintenance, such as dust-out/cleaning, removing unwanted pre-installed applications, installing/upgrading applications, removing malware and viruses, creation of emergency boot disks, optimizing (speed up), diagnostic troubleshooting, etc. We support Windows (7-10), OS-X, and Linux operating systems. Service on smart phones or tablets based on the Android OS is also available depending on model. Service on Apple smart phones and tablets is not available due to Apple product policies.
  • Tower and laptop hardware servicing including hardware installation, upgrading, troubleshooting, and defective component replacement. Limited Apple laptop hardware support is provided due to Apple product policies.
  • Data Recovery and Backup, to mitigate disaster situations, such as when the operating system won't start. We also provide password recovery for some versions of Windows. We can recommend and setup backups to local media (DVD), removable media (flash drive, external hard drive), or to Cloud (SOS Backup, Carbonite, etc).
  • Network/WIFI consultation, design, installation, configuring and troubleshooting, including cable routing. We also do security evaluations of WIFI installations.
  • Web site[1] provisioning from initial consultation to development,